JK Vertaler

J.K. Vertaler

Clear instructions. Mrs. Kinga deals with non-sworn translations, visits to offices for translation purposes, administration, and conducts classes in which she teaches foreign languages ​​- including Dutch.

Rona kozijnen

Rona Kozijnen

Mr. Robert runs a general construction and finishing company, specializing in renovations and replacement of windows and doors. After completing the website, we worked on T-shirts, letterhead - in other words, the complete branding of the company.

JK Vertaler

Sandra Recruiter

Sandra is a very experienced recruiter. Her company recruits specialists for technical work. It has its own customer base - I can highly recommend it! It also helps new entrepreneurs in administrative matters



Mr. Eryk takes care of literally everything. Many years of experience and qualified employees allowed him to expand his business into many sectors of the construction industry.

Beste Kozijne


Beste Kozijne are three experienced window installers from Poland. They have their own range of products to offer and perform comprehensive work in the field of renovation and replacement of windows and doors.

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